White Wolf Creek Fudge

"We Sweet You Right!™

We Sweet You Right!™

As Seen on  QVC Television 


Four - 1/2 LB pieces for $54.00 USD + tax and shipping (if you want your package shipped we have a few options. 

Your White Wolf Creek Fudge™ box can be shipped for an additional fee.

You can pickup at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art 

Odd Fellow Building - Skyway Entrance

23 2nd St SW, Suite 203, Rochester, MN 55902



1 - 1/2 LB Piece of Truffled Turtle™

1 - 1/2 LB Piece of White Ruby Mountain™

1 - 1/2 LB Piece of Peanut Butter Wolf Muncher™

1 - 1/2 LB Piece of White Wolf Caramel Apple Pie™

These Four Flavors are Sold Exclusively at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art 

White Wolf Creek Fudge - Our QVC Collection

(888) 983-3085 - Order at Peacock Books retail store.


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Fudge is made through Kettle Fudge a family-owned large batch, wholesale company. White Wolf Creek Fudge is a licensed retailer for their family fudge line. 
All fudge is made in a commercial licensed kitchen.

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